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Filip Orth

General Partner

From an early age, I have been interested and asked how and why things in the world work the way they do. Until today I like to practice. I am a student who has been developing in different ways that she has been interested in since childhood.

I study International Business, Entrepreneurship, Management and Venture Capital at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley. As a part of my university studies, I naturally began to engage in Venture Capital activities, after which I managed to qualify for a school team that competed for the VCIC (Venture Capital Investment Competition) for three consecutive years. I am currently a vice president of the Santa Clara University Venture Capital Association at the school and a board member at Student Advisory Board.

Outside of school experience, I had experience with leadership positions. I also started my own company during high school, where I focused on my own projects, such as the viral video campaign. Within my language skills I like to combine possibilities where I can also link ideas through English or other languages.

I decided to join Wanderer Capital as a Partner because of my interest in participating in interesting projects and ideas. I believe that I will be able to capitalize on my knowledge to help Wanderer Capital meet its goals and move ideas beyond the very first concepts and transform them into full-fledged companies. Apart from my work at Wanderer Capital, which will consist of several aspects, starting with the search for the ideas and especially the idea makers, I will also focus on the American market, focusing on the Silicon Valley region of California.