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Michaela Kralovičová


I have been interested in business since childhood. My inspiration was my father, who had his own company, where I learned the basics of business practice. After graduating from the business academy, I studied international business at the University of Economics in Bratislava. During my studies I went through several study stays (for example in Austria, Thailand or China). I was already aware of the market potential and innovative capacity of Asia as a region. I was so intrigued by China that during my doctoral studies I spent three years researching its foreign trade expansion and the resulting business opportunities for European companies. I spent one year researching at the renowned Chinese Fudan University. I actively master the Chinese language and I am interested in finding business opportunities for Slovak importers and providing advice on the creation of business strategy for Slovak exporters.

I work at Wanderer Capital as a Partner. I joined the project because I like to learn new things, meet inspirational people and I am fascinated by the dynamics of the startup scene. I have always been fascinated to see how startups have managed to create technology solutions that have always changed the way we do our day-to-day activities and people's worldview. Wanderer Capital gives me the opportunity to be part of unique projects that have the potential to change the world and thus to pursue and actively participate in the technological revolution from the front. The project impresses me, being the only one in Slovakia to invest in startups at an early stage, allowing me to observe and cultivate amazing business ideas right from the start.

At Wanderer Capital, I provide operational communication with startups in our portfolio and ensure that our projects achieve their goals. In addition, I can provide startups through my Asian contacts and knowledge of Asian business culture to provide the necessary material input to their creative process. When choosing a suitable EXIT strategy, I can also expand the offer from traditional markets (Western Europe and the USA) to potential buyers from China or other Asian countries.