Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.

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Vladimír Orth

Founder & Venture Capitalist

Founder, risk investor in Wanderer Capital 
The characteristic of my personality is the desire to create. I always did, but only later in life did I realize it. When I was 19 years old and the opportunity came, I threw myself into doing business without fear. The life and experience I have gained in this time have taught me much. I became a self-academic who lived through everything the business brings.

I believe we can create great things. I believe that the desire to reach the summit is a great engine. The engine that drives me all my life. At the beginning of my business there was a desire to achieve a standard of living that was impossible in our country at that time. Later, when my business started to expand because it was a natural process, I realized that the real reason I was going forward was different. My real motive is to achieve success. Get to the top of Olympus and motivate others to believe it is possible.

In business, the talents of man are important but more important is the patience and devotion to their thoughts.

The companies I manage are among the leaders in the sector. Competition makes sense, is a motive than being better, if you don't have to invent it and compete with it. It keeps you alert. It is important not only to get to the top, but also stay alert to keep you on top. When creating a product, always think of the customer, nothing else will motivate you better than the market itself. This is the highlight of the pyramid, why to create and what it has for me. If you think of it and see that it succeeds or will succeed, repeat, improve, don't lose contact with the product and the customer. But you always have to be happy about what you do. Love your work is the key to creating something that others will love. Do not let the surroundings, watch your goal. The ability not to be discouraged or to gain false recognition is not the way to true success. The energy you save is important not to lose it.

When I was 30 years old and a decent business, I admired the greats of the world business, not because I wanted to copy them, but because I watched with enthusiasm as strategy and direction and I compared it with how I reacted myself. It was like training without having to bear the damage from mistakes. That taught me a lot. I felt both enthusiasm and excitement being at something big. I had a lot of free time, my business didn't bother me as much as I wanted, my hunger was big.

Hunger is the motive, the hungry create or motivate them.

I tormented my own mind, it was difficult. Later, new ideas began to come, later it was that ideas came so fast that I couldn't register them.
It was difficult to distinguish in such a large number between them that is correct and which I should omit. I learned from my own mistakes.
In conclusion, I orientated myself in all this and made order. I understood what fills me, I understood what I like and what motivates me.

In every new project I experience the same feeling I had at the beginning, the excitement of initial joys, worries, a small team of people whom I advise, help and coach.
When my high school teacher gave me advice "try not to satisfy what you achieve", I did not know how he gave me advice on the life that accompanies me to this day. I began to perceive the people around me and to distinguish between successful and unsuccessful. I began to evaluate these perceptions. Part of the team are the people I work with, who I respect, and whose hunger is the motive.

My constant interest in helping, promoting new ideas and being at their birth was the basic reason for Wanderer Capital.