Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.

Ľudia / Karla Callahan

Karla Callahan

Executive in Residence

I come from a family of people who wonder – How does that work? Why is it made like that? What happens if we take it apart? How can we make it better? It was a natural part of my life, interesting and fun. Growing up, I worked on automobiles with my Father, one of his hobbies; and worked on stock investments with my Mother, one of her hobbies. They taught me not to stop with the first or the easy answer. When it came time to choose my university pursuit, I chose engineering.
My career started with large technology corporations which honed my judgment in tech, leadership and financial competence. My teams worked across borders and continents demonstrating the idea that teams bring a power far beyond any individual. People working together give a clearer view of any problem and more possible solutions. Giving people value and respect fuels the energy to overcome inevitable difficulties; building the confidence to try, then evaluate, and adjust, and continue until the goal or dream is reached. Following my large corporation experience (Texas Instruments, Cypress Semiconductor, American Microsystems), I went into the world of start-ups and achieved multiple successes in technology products and medical devices. My start-up companies brought services and products to the world including one for aircraft safety AI in Boeing’s 777 and another in medical imaging to detect cancer up to 2 years earlier than other modalities.

Throughout my career, I’ve been drawn to the interworking of technology and business challenges, to new approaches to problems, to how things work. My career success has sprung from pouring thought and energy into business opportunities that could be accelerated by fresh approaches, by being flexible, and by being resolute. Getting a “No” is not a place to stop, it’s the place to start. My strength is a combination of the fire to power the sprint and the discipline to run the marathon. Now I take great satisfaction from working with start-ups to help them build similar strengths and success.

I have joined Wanderer Capital because I believe in the power of the creative spirit. Successful entrepreneurship requires innovation, flexibility, and thoughtfulness. My biggest compliment from former employees, from investors into my companies, and from the companies that I advise is that I am a “creative problem solver”. Having had the privilege of working on multiple continents, I have learned from many people in many places. I value people and cherish the debates that lead to better solutions and unanticipated breakthroughs.

I look forward to adding my knowledge, expertise and contacts to help others in their complicated and exhilarating journey. Winning together is energizing, endlessly interesting and a satisfaction that never stops.